Aquent Gymnasium — From visual and front-end design, brand exploration, and course development; to email design and development, content marketing, and copywriting.

UX Design: Prototyping as Process, Free Webinar, Tuesday May 14, 2 PM EST, text on blue-lined graph paper.
UX Design: Prototyping as Process webinar — Promotional social artwork for Twitter and LinkedIn; designed in May, 2019.
Gymnasium homepage hero promoting the course, Prototyping for Digital Products and Websites.
Gymnasium — Homepage hero and course artwork for Prototyping for Digital Products and Websites; designed in March, 2019.
2018 American Staffing Association Elevate Award winner.
2018 ASA Elevate Awards — Aquent Gymnasium wins American Staffing Association’s first ever Elevate Award, honoring the most outstanding work-based learning programs in the staffing and recruiting industry; announced in September, 2018; original photo credit to Andrew Miller.
The Gymnasium Blog on Medium — Details of various blog hero artwork from 2017–2019; designed in 2017–2019.
The Gymnasium Blog homepage.
The Gymnasium Blog on Medium — All blog artwork from 2017–2019, except Hacking Horace Mann’s Loftiest Dream (credit to Andrew Miller); designed in 2017–2019.
Gymnasium logo alternate square.
Gymnasium Logo Alternate — Square logo design, used on The Gymnasium Blog on Medium; designed in July, 2017.
Media Queries for Popular Devices cheat sheet.
Media Queries for Popular DevicesPromotional cheat sheet webpage; designed and developed in August, 2015.

Dizzy Moods Lettering

Bespoke lettering for exhibition window display and catalog, for Boston and NYC based photographer Leonard Greco; designed in 2015.

View of exhibition lettering from street view.
Exhibition lettering (window view).
Detail of Dizzy Moods exhibition lettering
Exhibition lettering (vinyl, detail).
Cover of Dizzy Moods exhibition catalog.
Exhibition catalog cover.
Inside of Dizzy Moods exhibition catalog.
Exhibition catalog interior.

Erin Dionne, Author

Award-winning promotional website for tween, teen, and young adult book author Erin Dionne; 15th Annual HOW Interactive Design Awards, Merit Winner, 2013; designed and developed in 2013.

Homepage of archived offline version of
View an archived version of

Cassandra Louise Baker, Visual Artist

Promotional website for Boston and NYC based visual artist Cassandra Louise Baker; designed and developed in 2010 (pre responsive web design).

Homepage, desktop view.
Work details page, desktop view.

Hypnotic Discotheque Fascination

Clever use of color and music transform a simple concept into a fun game.

Good Experience Games; October 25, 2009

Hypnotic Discotheque Fascination — A hypnotic music-based Flash® game; art direction and game design by Justin Gagne, coding and game design by Andreas Zecher, and music and sound design by Martin (Snuggles) Straka; designed and developed in 2009.

40 second demo of Hypnotic Discotheque Fascination. (Alternatively, listen to Martin Straka’s hypnotic soundtrack via Spotify or his website.)

Dot Display Font

HTML and CSS based display font (a decade prior to pure CSS lettering becoming a thing); designed in 2009 (in use 2009–2012).

Detail of the heading, boutique, typeset in Dot Display CSS font.
Dot Display CSS font specimen (detail).
Webpage with the heading, boutique, typeset in Dot Display CSS font.
Dot Display heading featured on Velle’s Boutique webpage.
Webpage with the heading, couture soundtracks, typeset in Dot Display CSS font.
Dot Display heading (in blue) featured on Velle’s Couture Soundtracks webpage.

Create Magazine

Signing On — Editorial design for Create Magazine; designed in 2005.

Create Magazine
Contributing designer for Create Magazine, Winter 2005, Boston edition. (Later used as a typography project, while teaching at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts. See example student classwork by William Hekking.)

Velle Logotypes

Bespoke logotypes for web-based magazine and studio Velle, and imprint; designed in 2005 (in use 2005–2012).

Monochromatic, black fill, Velle logotype.
Velle logotype; based on a letterform sketch by Jan Tschichold.
Monochromatic, black outline, China Fon House logotype.
China Fon House logotype — Velle magazine imprint; inspired by the work of the Designers Republic (tDR).

Faculty Exhibition Poster

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) — Montserrat College of Art Faculty Exhibition Poster, 3-color screen print on plexiglass, 18 in. × 24 in., printed by Anthony Landry (at Proletariat Press); designed in 2004.

2014 Montserrat Faculty Exhibition Poster
Detail of faculty exhibition lettering, sketch in black ink pen on light blue line graph paper.
Detail of lettering sketch on graph paper.